Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Promise Fulfilled

We went to pick up Isaac's ring in Lörrach Monday, and I went to the ATM in Kandern to have cash for the ring. I am in the middle of working to pay off my credit card, so I had been hoping to pay cash instead. "Not enough funds," it told me. So I subtracted 100 Euros. "Not enough funds." I asked for another 100 Euros less. "Still not enough, you idiot!" it said.

Finally, I scraped out some bills - not enough for the ring, though. And like a good fiancee, I began to be a complete butthead to Isaac! We didn't have enough change for a meter, so we had to park in a garage in town. "Yeah, I'm sorry I'm being a jerk," I apologized to him. "I just get really stressed out about money stuff - especially when I don't have as much as I thought I did..."

We climbed the stairs to ground level and Isaac said, "Remember the promises that we claimed together? 'May the Lord of hope, give you all joy and peace as you trust in Him, that you may be full of hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.'" "Yeah, you're right. I know He'll provide, but it's just so hard to be okay in the meantime..."

As we walked past Subway and crossed the street, a familiar face strode out of the grocery store. Sarah Saxe, the student teacher who is living with me this semester, was in town with a German friend and walked right up to us. "Hey, you want my rent money now?"Mouth agape, I could only stare at her. "Suzanne, money? You want it?" "She says 'yes,'" Isaac piped in. "Wow," is all I could get out.

We walked less than a block to the jewelry store. All I could think was, "Wow." John Conway, the Irish soccer-star-turned goldsmith, decided to give us a discount. "Oh, I've got that... oh, but wait... I forgot I deposited more money in my German bank account... Wait..." I had exactly enough cash in my wallet to cover the discounted price he had just quoted me. We strode out of the shop with a ring, a lot of praise and not even .60 cents for parking to our names. (I took out another 20 Euros to cover parking). I heard God saying to me, "Dearest, you don't have the need or the right to know the next five steps ahead of you. Just take the next one. Trust me. I AM faithful." What a very good God we have.....

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Friday, February 19, 2010


"Now we're going to use this 12-bar blues progression to improvise. I'll play I, IV & V while you use the blues scale in your right hand to improvise a melody."

*shuffling while students plug in headphones & adjust for exercise*

"But, Miss Morton, if it's improvising, why do we have to stay with you?"