Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bite-Size Senses

"Your office smells good."

I get that a lot, and I am very proud of it. These smells bring distinction, yea even honor, to my humble place of work. So burn on, Gingerbread. Burn on, French Vanilla. I will not stop you.

This week has been bite-size. I've trimmed my nails and kept the living room picked up. I had an afternoon with a roommate and worked 10 minutes a day on a music festival program. There were 15 minutes with my Bible this morning, and I'll spend 50 minutes with a sick colleague's theory class today. It's not that this list really sets apart this week from any other - with the exception of the nail trimming. Maybe it's that I find myself this week recognizing a longing for more.

The long, the enduring, the deep, the satisfying. This week, I want lasagna, not another sandwich. I want Schubert sonatas rather than Chopin Mazurkas. I want Paul Simon, black coffee, and corduroy. I want transparent streets of gold and the absence of shadow.

I want to pour out again.

And I feel out of practice at blogging. Please forgive a first effort in six months.