Saturday, November 27, 2004

In the Digital Flesh

Allright. The recording is here. It's the audio clip under my profile. I think the file was too big for a normal post. You will hear two pianos, the solo piano (me) and the accompanist (my professor) as the orchestra. For the most part, the virtuosic part will be the solo piano.

Let me know what you think.

And now for your listening pleasure... Edward MacDowell's Piano Concerto in D Minor, Op. 23, I. Larghetto calmato.

(thanks, matt! check out matt's band)


natalie said...

now jerm is super sad that he did not get to go see you live!

Its true, I am! But at least I have a picture of U from your website! Did u change your hair?

ok so that was him. now i am back to stalk you. Soo. lets play some of the train game. I'm up for it right now!! To much free coffee. You rock like a rock star.

rebstar said...

suzanne, you are absolutely amazing. thank you so much for sharing that recording; i've been mesmerized by it ever since! (p.s. i cannot believe you wrote what you did on my blog--i always thought YOU were so cool!!) :)