Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Richard and the Winter Wind

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Richard is in third grade. His parents are from China, but he grew up in Alabama. He speaks perfect Chinese, which makes that little 'bama accent even cuter.

Richard's assignment was to come up with a story to go with the piece he was practicing this week: "Winter Wind." This is his story. He hadn't written it out, and I wasn't prompting him. You'll catch words like "mayor" and "meeting." :)


rebstar said...


i think i heard you say, "very nice" at the end, but who belongs to the other voice? so cute. :)

Rachel said...

Cute! I love when little kids act all grown up.

I think I would have enjoyed piano lessons more if I had had more creative assignments! (Rather than: "Open hymn book, play #387.")

Rachel said...

And, wow, thanks so much for the prayer. It was just what I needed to read/hear/pray at the moment. Sometimes I pray the same 'ol prayer too much and run out of words to say. Thanks for filling in. =)

Andronicus said...

....Suz.........I read the article about Radiohead.........good stuff.......I can relate in a big way..........welp, have a good day

Anonymous said...

kids are stupid.

if they weren't they wouldn't have to go to school.