Thursday, June 23, 2005

Whether I Go to the Right or to the Left

I didn't know what to expect this week in Canada. Oh yeah... so I'm in Canada.

For those of you who have just recently tuned in, I will be moving to Germany at the beginning of August to serve as piano instructor for the children of missionaries at Black Forest Academy. I have hesitated to say "I have been called to..." But man, it is becoming more and more apparent that God is pushing, pulling, hemming me in from behind and going before me. He has been preparing me for this my entire life:

*Listening to German language tapes during the commute to elementary school with my dad.
*Studying in Salzburg and gaining a deeper passion for the Germanic language and people.
*Choosing music as a study and career when it was one of my deepest insecurities.
*Growing up in a private Christian school myself and knowing the joy of relationships and the pain of working so closely with Christians.
*Having 5 years of teaching experience now in a similar private school setting.
*Helping me to release strongholds of bitterness and unforgiveness in the past two weeks.

When I got off my flight Monday from Denver to Winnipeg, Kim and I realized we were both there for the same training with Janz Team Ministries. We found out we were both going to BFA as well. Customs checked our passports and when we had exited the customs area, we were confronted with a choice between two waiting rooms. Our chatter stopped, and we paused for a moment to think about which way to go.

"GO LEFT!" a voice behind us boomed. We jumped, then giggled and well... we went left. The man with his cart and luggage went right. And Isaiah's words came pouring out of me: "Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, 'This is the way; walk in it.'" God is definitely telling me this week that this is His way, and I am to walk in it. He has been confirming that with those who are supporting me financially. He has been showing me His way through those who have prayed over me and are praying for me and who have promised to continue praying for me. He is showing me His way through the stories and journeys of the others here who are being sent.

He is doing what He said He would do. I have had to pull an Indiana Jones and step where I have seen no bridge. How does one go about raising $2500 a month? How do I get past my pride of asking for help? How do I lay aside my fear of rejection and my anxiety of what others will think? God, how will you move? How will you bring this about? I cannot see it or imagine it, so I tend to disbelieve it. Help me to continue to listen and step whether I can see the sand on the bridge or not.

You are faithful. You are faithful. You are faithful. You are faithful.


Andronicus said...

...tell us about Canada. I met some Canadians on the plane last time i flew....nice folks...aj

rebstar said...


Myles said...

hey, so do they have phones in canadia? i've always wondered.

Rachel said...

But it is nice to feel "called," hmm? There may be concerns along the way, but you never need to worry that you're on the right path.

mr jansen said...

feeling called and being faithful means you never have to worry that you're on the right path? i wholeheartedly disagree with that. what youre describing sounds more like the symptoms of brainwashing (not implying anything in regards to the suz).

i've been to canadia and while i was there i used a phone at least once. it's been years, that phone might have moved on... maybe they sold it to belgium.

more importantly, moosehead dry is in canadia. you can't get it in kansas (unless someone brings you back a 6 pack). if i remember correctly, it's the best beer ever.


ps it's awesome that below this little window i'm typing into i get a chance to actually "choose an identity." i've been meaning to do that.

natalie said...

will you bring me back a pony?

Suzanne said...

the pony was half-way through customs when it decided this was all a big mistake. his name was harry, for what it's worth, and he misses you.

dick vermeil said...

did that @#%$'ing pony drink my @#%$'ing beer?!?!?