Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Subtitled: I Can't Keep This From You


Our landlord Tomas came up to introduce his family to us last week--his wife Birgit, his son Alexander, and his daughter Katharina. Thomas was telling us about rent and how to get DSL, Birgit was listening, Alexander was hanging on the stairwell railing, and Katharina stood in front of her father beaming up at us.

Alexander looks just like the little kid in Jerry Maguire of "The human head weights eight pounds" fame. Katharina is just too cute for words. They're both in elementary school, which I think starts this week or next. So, of course, when I made cookies last Friday for my students I had to make some for Alex and Katharina, too! Alex answered the door.


"Diese sind für Ihnen."

"Ah, ok. Danke!"

"Bitteschön! Schönen Tag!"`



It was a short conversation as he was apparently entertaining a little friend who was over for the day.


Gena and I were walking to our apartment from our new parking spot--right up against the clock tower on the cobblestone square. A teenage boy was sitting on a park bench with one of the largest dogs I have ever seen. It was laying down, but all we could see was brown fur.

"Wie heißt er?" (What's his name?)

"Er heißt Elton John," he replied with a grin.

Gena and I started laughing.

"Er sieht ihn aus!" (He looks like him!) I smiled.


Jill said...

Oh my gosh, I love the GERMAN! I had 3 years of it during high school and college and miss it now. Couldn't translate much of anything anymore, but ahhh, such a lovely, hacking language! :)

I think I found your sight from "The Reign of Ellen" - one of my regular views. Hope you have a great day!!

Anonymous said...

i miss you


Rachel said...

Love it. =)

Andronicus said...

good stuff Suz, i'm back from California now. Safe and sound for the most part. aj

Anonymous said...

We've heard you've been "blogging" Andy. Is it true?

Suzanne said...