Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Death by Death Ray

The things you find when you google yourself... egosurfing, I believe it is aptly named. The following are excerpts from the very first episode of Law & Order in 1990. (I'm the dead girl.)

Dr. Raza: My children want to stay in this country, my wife wants to stay, and to stay, all I have to do is to be perfect all the time!

Det. Mike Logan: Well you, uh, fell a little short of perfection on Suzanne Morton's chart.

Philip Nevins: Isn't it possible that pneumonia killed Suzanne Morton?

Medical Examiner: It's possible that death rays from Mars killed her. But I don't think so.


Andronicus said...

"That's Comedy"-Aj

Rachel said...

Dangit. My name's too weird to be used in TV dramas!

Andronicus said...

hey Shazam......happy halloween, if you're into that....

Anonymous said...

well aparently i'm an actor, an new york times writer, a scientist who examines iodized metals but most importantly....a member of a burlesque show.....

amy harmon

Andronicus said...

new post please, thanks
-some daily reader dude

Anonymous said...

Ok so i know i told you this already but I second Andy's post. Please write more.

Andronicus said...

I second Holli's post, which would be in essence....seconding myself (is that legal.....oh man i'm hilarious today ((shrug))
umm.....happy happy thanksgiving Suz!

Anonymous said...

Ok you said by Friday there would be a new post and.... I don't see one here. I have splendid news for you but I will not call you until you post....or until Sat. so post something will ya.

Sean said...

Maybe you need a topic to post on. How about, "My experiences of how Germany deals with Christmas as opposed to the bullship that happens in the US during this time of year with the crowded malls and angry (ironic) trafficers and such."
Or if that doesn't do it, a haiku about your cat.

I'll write one, too.

I have a little
Which came with the house