Thursday, June 15, 2006

this was my new friend carl. we met on gibraltar, but it was a short-lived relationship. i refused to give him any sugar.


your mom said...

This picture tats.

Anonymous said...

you guys look very similar, maybe all re-think the whole evolution thing.

Can't believe you finally put a post up again. YOU'Re alive!!!!
love you
dan the man

Suzanne said...

wow, i can actually read your handwriting, daniel! :) and i'm quite proud that little old me has revolutionized your beginnings-philosophy. just wait until you see the picture of me and carmine the giraffe! there's gonna be a whole lot of havok-wreakin on your convictions!

love you, too, my brother.

Missy said...

Hey Cuz How's it goin over there?I stopped at Grams with Brayden tonight and saw your mom and dad and Charlie and Cindy and they were talking about you and your blogs so I had to check it out.Good Picture!I'm on myspace at or you can e-mail me at