Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I think God's been taking me down a path of laying at his feet my worries, fears, and hopes of what others think of me and my work. A book called TrueFaced by Thrall, McNicol, and Lynch describes it as trusting God--trusting what he says about who I am already, that he is already pleased by me, and that I can please him no more than I do right now. That's some major trust.

I was supposed to pick up the Gibbons family from Frankfurt this morning at 10:00. The trip began somewhat troublingly at 7:00 a.m. when I couldn't find their car to drive up in. Then about an hour into the trip, I decided to get some gas and put unleaded into their diesel tank. My cell phone went dead in the middle of the call to the tow-truck. I waited at a dealership for three hours, paid for the repairs, finished the hour and a half trip to the airport, rode back another three hours with the Gibbons and just got home tonight at 9:00. I cannot begin to tell you how much I have cried today. I am emotionally, spiritually, physically wiped.

My dear friend Susie drove up to sit with me at the dealership and bought me a sandwich. She's so great. She reminded me that we don't know why God works the way he does. He could have been saving me from a major accident. As I drove away with a newly-cleaned gas tank and headed toward Frankfurt again, I asked God against the wind beating through the open windows of the van if I was able to really say that I felt his love. Could I honestly say in that moment that I felt loved? I had cost this family money and time sitting in tremendous heat after an already long 14-hour travel itinerary. . . I had made a stupid mistake and had been mentally replaying what should have happened for five hours.

I've been reading TrueFaced every night for the past couple weeks and have been trying to understand and soak in yet again a God who loves me just as I am (It seems the more painful times in my life boil down to the question: will I choose to see myself as God sees me?) It's pretty easy to believe I am loved when I am freshly-showered and powdered and lying between clean pink sheets. It is harder to believe when I am stinky, sweaty, using bad German grammar and putting unleaded into diesel tanks.

I think I did feel his love today more than I have in awhile. By the grace of God I understood a bit better how to trust him with the all-masks-off me.


Anonymous said...

yeah i miss you. i am getting the lessons in trusting latley also. its funny what abba uses to show me how i'm not trusting him and living in fear. some days i just want him to come back so i don't have to have him, yet again, remove another layer of my self-protection. it hurts when that happens and its messy. i wish i was coming with amy. maybe i will make her pack me.

Andronicus said...

dude, i had a dream monday night I think, that I put diesel into my unleaded tank........that's always been a fear of mine.........don't worry, i've done stuff like that, and do stuff like that all the least you didn't drive away with the pumper still in the car (see Garden State for referrence) hugs not drugs......andy

Myles said...

there's a great German proverb that translated says, "When one wears a mask too long, it cannot be removed without the skin." i think about how much skin i will lose.

Anonymous said... speak wise words...and suz...i will be there in aprox 48 hours to hug you long time....