Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bite-Size Senses

"Your office smells good."

I get that a lot, and I am very proud of it. These smells bring distinction, yea even honor, to my humble place of work. So burn on, Gingerbread. Burn on, French Vanilla. I will not stop you.

This week has been bite-size. I've trimmed my nails and kept the living room picked up. I had an afternoon with a roommate and worked 10 minutes a day on a music festival program. There were 15 minutes with my Bible this morning, and I'll spend 50 minutes with a sick colleague's theory class today. It's not that this list really sets apart this week from any other - with the exception of the nail trimming. Maybe it's that I find myself this week recognizing a longing for more.

The long, the enduring, the deep, the satisfying. This week, I want lasagna, not another sandwich. I want Schubert sonatas rather than Chopin Mazurkas. I want Paul Simon, black coffee, and corduroy. I want transparent streets of gold and the absence of shadow.

I want to pour out again.

And I feel out of practice at blogging. Please forgive a first effort in six months.


Andronicus said...

good stuff, long time no writey/talkey for the both of us.....aj

Myles said...

come back.

Anonymous said...

Hi, there. Found your blog through Myles'. My wife and I were just accepted to teach at BFA starting in the fall. I'll be teaching Am. Lit. and she'll be teaching Health and P.E. Just wondering if we might be able to send an e-mail or two to ask you some preparation/moving questions among other things...