Monday, September 28, 2009

The Dependence of Asking

This fall marks my fifth year at Black Forest Academy. Time goes by so quickly! My best friend and former roommate in Wichita remarked that this means I have now lived in Germany longer than we lived together in Kansas. What a landmark!

I am so grateful to you for your support and prayers for me these past four years. How did God do it? How did He get me get here? The original plan was teaching piano for two years and then heading back to “real life.” The thought of asking people for money turned my stomach. Now, however, I would not have it any other way. The word “dependence” has dirt under its nails.

The Book of Joshua has captured my attention for the past month. The action has been great – battles, cities taken due to the power of musical instruments (I especially like that one as a music teacher!) and people being swallowed by the earth. God’s people obey, disobey and obey again.

Toward the end of the book, it’s time to divvy up Promised Land real estate. The author takes several chapters to specifically delineate the properties of each tribe. Each tribe, that is, except one.“But to the tribe of Levi, Moses had given no inheritance; the Lord, the God of Israel, is their inheritance, as he promised them.” Joshua 13:33

How incredible! The Levites who received no ration of land, actually received the One who was the only portion they needed! Later, the Levites come to Joshua to say, “…The Lord commanded through Moses that you give us towns to live in, with pasturelands for our livestock” (21:2).

Our God was faithful to provide for them. He had promised to be their inheritance and portion forever, but the Levites still had to ask. Was it hard for the descendants of Levi to ask Joshua for what they had been promised? Either way, they had to have been reminded once more of their dependence, their need.

He has promised to be my inheritance forever, but He commands that I still ask Him to provide my daily bread. Perhaps it is in the asking, that He is already providing. Perhaps dependence on Him alone is already His gracious provision.


Faith Observed said...

Suzanne, i loved reading through your blog. you have a gift with words and it is wonderful to hear what's in your heart... will have to keep up with your blog. woudl love to come see you in germany. rachel stuckey is living with us right now and it's fun to hear about everyone from her. i hope you are well... lots of love, liz

Rachel said...

Glad to see you're blogging! It's an encouragement to follow fellow missionaries' stories. :)