Saturday, December 18, 2004


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, your last minute shopping woes are over. Just in time for Christmas, we are proud to offer the Muu Muu Crucifix. Guaranteed to ward off all dirt devils and blood-sucking dust bunnies in your home. Protect your children today. Order now and we'll throw in the Blender-O-Redemption and dust your Muu Muu with Holy Cat Hair for free. Call now.

"That's just not funny."

Vera never made it to Judy's dinner party. They found her mutilated body in her living room the next morning.

"Who do you think it was, Pete?"

"A dust bunny. Those devils."

Don't make the same mistake Vera did. Call today.


natalie said...

Thank Jesus and his friends for the Muu Mu Crucifix! I tell you what, I had NO clue what to get, well just about anyone. Thank you! thank you! for the fab idea!

savingface said...

i had begun to wonder, but am quite sure now, that you have officially entered "la la land".

ellen said...

Suzanne, I found your blog through a web of random other people. It was great to read a bit of what was going on in your life. Hope you are doing well! ellen wade