Friday, December 31, 2004

What the Duckling?

Allright, I realize that by now the top 5 thing seems pretty pathetic, but I, too, have been beating the dead horse of top 5 (see also kevin and myles) huh. Well, what'm I to do in a world that seems bent on track replay? For those of lesser fidelity....

Top 5 Best Breakup Songs
Honorable mention: Wishful Thinking by Wilco.
5. The Middle -- Jimmy Eat World. Cheese? maybe not.

4. Nothing Better -- Postal Service. Maybe this list is also a timeline of dealing with this loss. I don't feel this way so much anymore.

3. Time Will Do the Talking -- Patty Griffin. Kevin, I think I must agree with your high view of this album, but I really don't think I should wake up to it anymore, it gets kinda depressing. But it sure is nice to feel okay about not being okay. "Time will do the talking/years will do the walking/I'll just find a comfy spot and wait it out/Time will do the talking/years will do the walking/Time will tell you baby what you can't hear now"

2.5. Moses -- Patty Griffin again. I now cherish the woman's entire catalogue.

2. Song for the Dumped -- Ben Folds. Anger, a necessary evil at times, and he, too, likes to take it out on his piano. Thankfully, I have no missing articles of clothing.

1. I Still Miss Someone -- Johnny Cash. Well... if it hadn't hurt him, we just wouldn't think old Johnny was human now, would we?

Top 5 Beers because it seems I must and because that's about how many I've had this year and I don't care if it sounds girly so there
5. Sam Adams -- coffee shop/bar w/good company when things were nice (rated 5th for company not for beer; beer is ... um, third)

4. Rolling Rock Light -- w/amy on the couch watching csi (so this one's actually 5th)

3. Strawberry Blonde Ale -- didn't think I was going to like fruity but I was wrong (4th)

2. Shiner Bock -- it's from Texas, y'all (this one's just where it should be)

1. Blue Moon w/orange -- with the Bobs: Bobbie and Robert on their too short visit to Tatown

Top 5 Things I've Learned from Blogging
5. I have needed more reasons to stay up later than my cat, who usually falls asleep right on the keyboard.

4. Post a deeply traumatic experience, and friends will read, not comment, and pray for my soul.

3. Post that I am in fact a powerful yet conniving philanderer and they will comment in droves. Not only that, but they will eagerly offer up the name of the awful person that their slowly-cracking psyche resembles as well.

2. No matter how much it is purged into the written word, pain remains a solitary struggle.

1. I am deeply thankful for my friends who are close in proximity and for those who are close via Webster's newest addition, the blog.

Top 5 Comments from This Blog
(at the risk of being a naval-gazer)
5. cade on his personality test: "5 investigator. ya know as i was taking this thing i just kept thinking, "what a crocka shit"then i finished it and read it and the thought sort of materialized before me and then i was quite sure that like, yeah dude, sweet."

4. myles on my anger quote: "can i use that as a line in a song? it's up there with the line i thought of today: 'i feel as useless as a kneecap in an elbow factory.'" i can't wait to hear that song, myles.

3. natalie correcting my emotional, well-meaning, yet dead-wrong diagnosis of her husband Jeremy: "ok so, he has MS that would be Multiple Sclerosis. That is kind of different from MD mostly Jerry doesn't overwhelm a whole TV channel for us MSers each year." oh the embarrassment. please make it stop.

2. sean on the barbie saga: "Just tilt back your head, open your mouth, and laugh loudly and laugh obnoxiously. Like I am doing." thanks for just laughing, sean.

1. natalie on dying to pain: "when I was a little girl we had a dog. My ma and pa would have my sister and I shovel the dog crap into this one place in the backyard. Over the years that dog shit alot and the place in the back of the yard was full of dog shit. Now looking back I don't know why we just didn't throw the shit out with the trash. Anyway at least it was away from everywhere. I wish that I could find a place to put the shit that can sometimes start to take over my life. Hang in there pretty, maybe we can find a place to put our shit. If not out with the trash at least we could help each other put it toward the back of the yard." when reading this blog outloud to the younger generations, please insert "bleep" at the vocal pitch of your choosing whenever you see the word trash.

Top 5 Books I Have Yet to Read
5. Moby Dick, Herman Melville. I have similar feelings about reading this book and joining the army: probably a really good idea, but I just don't see myself making it past Chapter 1.

4. Catch 22, Joseph Heller and/or Emmitt Smith. Being a fan of runon sentences but also of the Dallas Cowboys I just don't see how I could choose but then why would one really need to choose except that it just doesn't seem right to give each their separate number while the heller's been on my shelf for two maybe three years that was before the rhino invaded my closet...

3. The Grim Grotto: Book 11, Lemony Snicket. Because I just can't seem to finish Book 3. Unfortunately, the series has gotten very long.

2. How to Keep Your Feline From Swatting Packing Peanuts Down the Air Vent. Because the pile has almost made it back up to the vent grate.

1. Better Homes & Gardens Garden Encyclopedia. My tomato plants were my proof this fall of my neglect at multiple levels. Surely no one is serious when they speak of going back to the simpler life.

And there you have it. My Top 5 Top 5. Feel free to challenge me, reform me, help me, investigate me, bring peace to my life, or create your own individualistic lists, as the numbers have fated (or just drink alot of coffee while overeating). Happy new year.


Andronicus said...

I enjoyed your lists. I am too a list maker, however, mine are dumb. Your's are actual lists. Did you happen to note my current list? Yes, it is dumb. Blast, I didn't make the top comments! That serves me right though, my comments have been short, and lame. I usually like to comment, just so the writer knows it's been read, not necessarily to "add" anything. Does anyone know if these crazy sites have counters, or tickers for number of viewings? Not for vanity sake, but just to know if anyone reads, without the comments.
Anyway, my point was
1. To make an incredibly long comment.
2. To let you know I both read, and enjoy your blog, and consider it a worthwhile activitiy (encouragement just in case you ever have that "is this a waste?" feeling we all do.
3. To have 5 things, to fit the 5 things, thing.
4. To dance like a dervish, and be deliriously happy (probably not tonight, but there's hope for the future)
5. To mention that I too have never read past the first page of Moby Dick......I liked the first page, I just didn't buy it, or check it out at a local library.....

Myles said...

hmmm...moby dick. too many long passages about blubber. you need to read A Prayer for Owen Meany, which forever resdies within my top 5.

and I'd like to put a petition in for the 3rd song on Ryan Adams' Gold album. it's beautiful, heartrending, and the best breakup song I know. either that or "Almost Gone" by David Gray off his acoustic album. but if you could play the Ben folds song for me sometime, that'd be the coolest.

savingface said...

my first type on the pointless new day of the new year and it's obvious that sappiness conquers humor but when the two are combined they are a mindless juggernaut and in 2005 we'll keep rockin the casbah even though they don't like it and white people still think they're better than black people, but damn did you see that dunk sign that guy up for my team and cut him a check and oh, the hat was stolen whilst i was living with the crazies, funny huh what people will covet when they're blood is coursing with chemicals oh and thanks for the cd ha ha how funny because i really hate christmas music more than the materialistic onslaught itself but hey it sure keeps the table clean and you're the only one who got me a present so that pretty much steals my face right off my head

savingface said...

i'm a poet BEEOTCH!!

Suzanne said...

myles, i have read a prayer for owen meany upon your suggestion in college. in fact, the copy i own is one you gave me. funny book. i laughed so hard i cried at the christmas pageant scene. brothers k reminds me of irving. i can't find the songs you mentioned on itunes, though. sorry. i'll keep trying.

andy, i love your comments. maybe it was a bad idea to rank the comments of my readers. i also enjoy getting comments. thanks for reading........and writing.

cade, i swear sometimes i don't understand a word you're saying, but i love it. and i think the gist of what you said was positive. you're an einstein in my book. happy new year.

Myles said...

actually, it's the 4th song, called "la cienga just smiled". it's beautiful.