Saturday, January 08, 2005


funny story: (well now, it just has to be, doesn't it...): I had just had my hair colored--my first all-over color--dark. The next week, my parents drove into town for a family funeral (the whole family hadn't died, just my great aunt). so my brother and my parents and I have been driving for an hour and a half into eastern kansas when i finally spoke up to my mom.

me: "didn't you notice my hair?"

mom: "well, yeah..."

me: "do you not like it?"

mom: "well, no, it's not that..."

me: "well then what? what is it?"

mom: "it's just what i've heard about dark hair dye..."

me: "what? what have you heard?"

mom: "it's just that... well... they think it causes bladder cancer."

me: "bladder cancer?"

mom: "yeah."


me: "well, if i'm going to die of bladder cancer, mom, the least you can do is tell me you like my hair."

(i love you, mom. check out my parents' bed and breakfast.)


Rick said...

glad it ended up funny after starting at a funeral :) - and my wife loved it. needed that laugh this evening.

natalie said...

So not only am I giving by self lung cancer, I will also get what is it? bladder cancer. It is a good thing I stopped fake-baking, what other cancer will I get? Maybe tummy cancer from all the coffee.

The real question is- what kind of cancer will you get if you lighten your hair? What if you do both at the same time?

I have to stop I am starting to scare myself.

My boyfriend says maybe if you darken your hair you get the cancer but if you lighten it the cancer is cured.

Anonymous said...

cancer... yeah...

it's all fun and games until someone loses a nut.

Myles said...

it was good to meet your family again when it wasn't 10 at night at a gas station.

Anonymous said...

this blog has become stagnant. i demand new content or i WILL cancel my subscription.

mr jansen