Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ein Gedicht zu einer beherzten Katze, die mir die ganze Welt ist und wahrscheinlich wird länger als mich leben, mindestens kann man hoffen, oder?

Meine Katze liebt mich treu,
sie geht in ihrer Streu.

English subtitles:

A poem to a beloved cat that means the world to me and will most likely outlive me, at least one can hope, right?

My cat loves me truly,
she "goes" in her litter.

ok, fine. so it doesn't rhyme in English.
shoot me.


Sean said...

odd, as i have been working on a poem regarding the oddities of living with cats...i didn't like my poem, in the end, but now i'm tempted to put it up.

Andronicus said...

A Haiku about Cats by Me

I just don't like cats
okay, i like fuzzy love
but please let me sleep!