Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I Still Love You, Pool!

Natalie said she would play pool with me yesterday at the Y! Pool! And it's free with our paid monthly memberships! Free! I was so excited!

And then we found the pool tables. I guess you get what you pay for. The tips of the cue sticks had come off long ago, so while it saved the Y the cost of cue chalk, there was a hollow rattling with every shot as if my stick had hit the table. I mean, those nine-year-olds in the corner could've thought I didn't really know what I was doing. And then the 8-ball had a bite taken out of it like some kid (with very sharp teeth) had asked it a question, and it gave the wrong answer. Huh. That joke has potential.

I used to have a love affair with pool. My senior year of college, Cade and I would head to the student center and trade in our ID for balls and sticks. I can't remember what time of day, though it must've been afternoon-ish. Man, it was fun. He would kick my butt, but it was fun. And I like to think I got to be pretty good. 'Course, I like to think my German got pretty good, too, but my last little excursion to the Motherland made me think otherwise when I ordered driver's ed instead of a train ticket. Oh right, I already told you that one. Sorry.

So Katie and I have been playing pool more. 'Cept we've had to pay $10/hr for a good smoke-free table with no old men staring at our butts while we make our smooth long shots OR going to the smoky places for only a buck a game (i usually learn more trick shots from the dirty old men.) I don't think I'll mind the smoke or the money now, though. Free sucked.


Andronicus said...

The first few months that i moved back home, I started playing pool almost every night for awhile. I'm not necessarliy a pool fan, but more or less used it as a social metaphor for something else missing. I do like it better now, that I just suck moderately, instead of majorly. It just seems more logical to go to a pool hall, and play pool, maybe drink a beer.......then say, go to a bar, and drink beer and that's it.....never been a fan of that. In summary, yes, pool is a fun game to be shared with a few folks. And this place in lawrence is cheap, and after midnight it's free! wahoo!

Suzanne said...

is that an invitation, matie?