Monday, March 21, 2005

Ode to Uncle Sam

i hate doing my taxes.

so there.


Sean said...

It was free (for me) and I "e-filed" it. Refund was in my checking account about five days later. And they fill out all the boxes for you, you just tell em what's on your W-2. Dig it.

Suzanne said...

aw, man! that's much cheaper than the taxpro i already paid for. i guess there's always next year.

would it be free if i have four W-2's, three 1099's, and a Schedule C?

Sean said...

I don't know. It was free for me cause I'm so young and handsome. Turns out if you're 24 or younger there is no cost for the service. Otherwise it costs $10, from what I saw.

Esue said...

Wow suzanne...that whole interview game really did spark some interest! bloggers unite, er something...

I am ashamed, but relieved to confess that I paid someone to do my taxes this year...I had a summer job where I had to claim being self-employed so that the noo-profit org. wouldn't ahve to pay anything and i had to pay's that for suck?

Suzanne said...

glad to hear it, esue. i have chosen to pay turbotax, seeing as i used them last year and they download all that previous information. last year, i was late filing because i had written in the incorrect adjusted gross income from 2002. it was the freaking previous year's agi!!

suck, suck, suck. i haven't had a refund check in four years. i paid quarterly last year, and i still owe over $2,000. i guess i just got a little over-ambitious this year. i refuse to continue to work this hard.

sean, i'm glad to hear you are still young and handsome. i will even agree to help you in your quest to take full advantage of the situation.

p.s. kevin told me that public libraries offer free services for those who have yet to pay anyone to help them pay our dear distant uncle.