Saturday, March 19, 2005

What I Love Can Kill Me

It would only take 233.23 cans of Diet Dr. Pepper to kill me. I am assuming this is all at one time, which is good. Because I have probably already drunk this much Diet Dr. Pepper. (have drank this much Diet Dr. Pepper?)

On the upside, it would only take 211.68 cans of Diet Coke to kill me. So I've definitely made the right coke decision. (where i'm from, if it's fizzy, it's coke)

I think a lot less could kill me if it were in a bucket and my head got stuck in that bucket. And maybe it would only take about 1 can falling on my head from the top of the empire state building to put me in the ground.

(thanks, rachel)

p.s. the title's a link.


Rachel said...

I think we all need to start drinking Mistic Peach Tea. (548 cans). What the heck IS Mistic, anyway?

Myles said...

238 cans of mr. pibb? that's it?

Anonymous said...

i'm not saying you love me... but i could totally kill you, probably with a shovel.


Sean said...

@ matt: the lesson here isn't WHAT can kill you, but HOW LONG till it does kill you. So I ask you to qualify your "with a shovel" to something I can use, like, "with four hits of a shovel". Thanks

Anonymous said...

sorry sean... i misunderstood.

as for how many hits, it's hard to tell. hitting someone in the head with a shovel is a lot like eating potato chips... you might intend to stop after 1 or 2 but it's easy to get carried away and finish the whole bag. and, in my experience, by that time it's quite difficult to recall the exact moment of death.


Anonymous said...

Huh-huh. Yeah. Me, too.