Wednesday, August 24, 2005

*insert trumpets here*

Dearest Highness Ellen,

*insert groveling bow here*

Mine ears have heard the most wondrous tales of your talent and beauty from afar. The good Queen Rachel and the newly-crowned Queen Jennie speak only of the delights of being a member of your court. They have praised your goodness and your generosity and have compelled me to come before you with my plea.

I am no more than your loyal servant, but I come before you on bended knee. Dare I ask it? Would you bestow such grace upon me as to induct me into your court? Nay, I should be so lucky as to find favor merely to be your musician or jester.

So here I am with nothing and no one to recommend me, but I ask all the same. Would you be so kind as to coronate me?

Your Loyal Subject,
Lady Suzanne

p.s. I might just make you an original Royal Handbag.


Ellen said...

And it was the best groveling letter I've had yet!

Anonymous said...

Suzanne, Sarah gave me your blog to read...and i'm dying laughing!!! (going to make my husband read it when he gets home) love it!! Hope everything is going well... Kristin (Harvey) Shepelwich

Suzanne said...

i went to have a physical exam today to make sure i was fit to leave for germany. the doctor poked and nudged and prodded, and then she had me bend over to touch my toes. "well, you're definitely above average in your flexibility," she murmered as she scribbled on my form. "that may be, but i'm no kristin harvey shepelwich," i said.

nice to hear from you.