Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Scrubbing & Surfing

The dental assistant job ended yesterday, and I find myself once again unemployed. So what do I do to occupy my day? I clean the bathroom. For three hours. Three hours, folks. And this is not a large bathroom. The tall people on Ellen's site would hit their knees when they squat. Somehow, I managed to scrub for half an afternoon. I scrubbed and re-organized our three-person corner caddy and found the hole that the ants have been climbing through. And Rachel was right. Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser is a miracle-worker. I swear, all I did was gently wipe, and the soap scum ring around the bottom of the tub packed its bags yelling, "I'm packing my bags and yelling!"

It is so clean that I have come to the edge of the linoleum several more times today (I've been drinking a lot of water) and been compelled to remove my shoes before entering. Ahhhhh. It feels so nice to have a clean bathroom. I'm wondering how long I can hold out on taking that next shower . . .

I also found this picture of my old friend Andy Scott from OBU. He's a diving coach at Duke now!! Way to go, Andy!!

And for those few yet faithful fans, the Barbie saga has returned.


Sean said...

My friend Nathan Blevins moved to Germany last week to teach at a school for missionary children. I didn't hear the name of the place, but wouldn't that be weird if it is the same as the one you are going to? Well, wouldn't it?

Myles said...

you have a way to get in touch with Andy?

Suzanne said...

sean, i think it must be the same place. i don't know of another one in germany. what's he teaching?

myles, i sent an email to the asst swim coach and asked her to forward it to andy. so we'll see. oh yeah, and BACK OFF i found him first. :)

Rachel said...

Sheesh, what did your bathroom look like BEFORE? =)

So did you have dirty thoughts of Mr. Clean or what?