Friday, July 15, 2005

Bloggers, Culottes, and Comp

I'm in Cincinnati this weekend visiting my friends Robert and Bobbie. If I were explaining that last sentence to you in person, it would probably come out, "I'm going to see Bobert and Robbie.. uh, I mean..." When he picked me up from the airport, Robert suggested that I reverse the order and say 'Bobbie and Robert.' You're right, Robert, it is easier to say--and type--but I might just have to revert to 'the Bobs.' Being friends with us single people is easy--only one name to remember and repeat. Couples become more complicated... more consonants to deal with. I think my couple friends owe it to me to shorten and/or combine their names. Wouldn't that be supported by Scriptural cleaving and such? So thanks, Bobs, for a so-far delightful stay in Cincinnati. I'll have to introduce you to my friends Dugh sometime... or maybe Driz.

Today is a very exciting day. Not only are Chactory and The H-ood Prince commercially available, but I got to meet my fellow blogger Rachel. I've probably been reading her blog since April or May. I'm really not sure--time seems to pass so quickly in cyberspace. On the way to the Starbucks we were meeting at, I think I was actually nervous. I've gotten to know old friends like Myl-vin even better through their blogs, but this was kind of the opposite--I was about to meet a person for the first time that I thought I felt close to already. Is this what internet dating feels like, Amy, er... Damy?

But there was no reason to be nervous--she's really cool. And she bought my latte. Our conversation came so easily, and my world got a little bit smaller. We went to rivaling TCA's in the Dallas area, and she laughed, "Oh, you were one of those cheerleaders [with the knee-length culottes at basketball games]." It turns out her husband Jared is an MK and went to an international school in Asia very similar to Black Forest Academy, where I will be investing the next two years of my life, and I think that's cool.

She's a full three inches taller than me, and I must say I am very jealous. She's 100% Dutch, and she doesn't like to agonize over big decisions. (I'm not sure those two things are related, though.) Her dad's rule of thumb--God's calling equals ability plus opportunity plus desire. We both think the desire part is very important but highly underestimated by many in the Christian community.

Rachel, it was very nice to meet you, too, on this rainy day in Ohio. Thanks for noticing my bat tattoo and knowing it was because of my Batman fetish. I'm very excited about your TA position--I really do think you're going to be a great teacher. And I would sign up for your English Comp class if it weren't for the fact that I'm leaving the country and you'd have to read my writing on a regular basis . . . um, wait . . .

I promise to resume the Barbie saga if you'll let me call you Jachel . . . or Rared? And now that we know we have the ability and the desire to be friends, I guess we'll just have to wait for the opportunity.


Anonymous said...

That was a wonderful post, Suzanne. Your mom.


Suzanne said...

Congratulations, Chris & Alicia! I'm sorry I won't be able to be there for your wedding day, but I would love to meet Alicia before I leave. Many blessings!

matt said...

my favorite was when johnny and venus were drinking and having their reaction times tested... the idea was to show how alcohol slowed ones ability to react, but in this case the drunkenness just cut down on their reaction time.

also herb had great ties.


Esue said...

I support the notion of couples combining names...especially when people like Chelsea and Jesse get married...9 times out of 10 it's Jelsea anyway!

Andronicus said...

I know i've asked this a bazillion times, but when is you're last day in the U.S.A.?
the andy

Suzanne said...

hopefully it's around August 5... it's okay--you can keep asking.

Rachel said...

Jachel is just fine with me... much better than Rared, in fact. Barbie saga - commence!

It was fun to meet you too. I couldn't believe how much we had in common. The other half of Jachel once warned me about encountering weirdos and stalkers in blog land, but I must say that I've had nothing but positive experiences.

Sorry I'm so tall. That characteristic IS related to Dutchness, although I can't say that decisiveness is (my mother used to agonize for hours over clothes purchases).

Keep dreaming of the hobbit holes of Clifton. We have many hairy-footed (feeted?) available men in Cincinnati, many of them even taller than your average hobbit.

Suz said...

Barbie saga? This sounds interesting. Do tell.

-The Other Suzanne

natalie said...

i know that you can not leave on the 5th because you have to go to my birthday party. you told me you would be there. or at least i think that you did.