Monday, July 04, 2005

Yesterday was one of the more beautifully embarrassing days of my life.


natalie said...

did you want someone to ask why? i'm not going to. i already know what you did. you scare me sometimes just a little.

will you bring me a pony from this trip?

Andronicus said...

..........ok.........i'll ask........"what was so embarrasing suz?"

Myles said...

so, one time i was eating a banana and i coughed. and it was embarrasing.

whew. i feel better. what's your story?

natalie said...

how nasty was it to cough up a banana? that would be embarrasing.

bobbie sue said...

when i was in high school i got out of class one day, walked down the stairs, outside to another building, down some more stairs, went through the lunch line and sat down at a table only to discover a cold, plastic seat on my legs because evidently, i had tucked the back of my skirt up under my bookbag and was walking around school in my underwear. ok, now what's your story?

natalie said...

ok,so in highschool i took study hall 7th hr which was right after lunch. i took it so a) i could take a afternoon nap b) so could skip the hour and it didn't really matter. i had that year set up nice. anyway jr. year.


i went to sleep and the 10 min bell would always wake me up and i could gather my book and s#$t for the next class. well one day i didn't wake up with the 10 min bell so the bell bell rang and everyone started moving out. i got up too and then fell smack down on my face. my left leg had gone to sleep on me and that was the leg that i had to use to get out of the desk.

the best part of the story is in 7th and 8th hour the was this super tall black gangbanger. now he was supersweet and we would talk and joke around. he saw me in 8th hour and was like, "man. what happened to you."

that's a better story then the time a dropped a tampon in front of the whole study hall. that was a differnt year. i do think that it was after lunch. i skipped alot.

so, now you know