Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Humble Rodent

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Yes. Modest Mouse. I left Float On for the Stills on their answering machine, so I hope you'll understand.

I was a little disappointed that they didn't sound like the Lonesome Crowded West of six years ago. They've added a few instruments, including two drum kits. They're still eclectic, but they just sound kinda poppy now. It was no dance-fest like in the arkadelphia trailer.


Sean said...

MM doesn't strike me as capable of a dance-induced-fest. Maybe I'm a tradtionalist, but I like my music to rock-n-roll. It other news, Korn (another band that doesn't rock) lost it's guitarist when he found religion. I think God told him he was in a stupid band, and he listened.

Sean said...

Not to say this to be cool or to fit in or anything, but this afternoon I listened to that Modest Mouse cd that starts with TEETH LIKE GODS SHOE SHINE and I was impressed. Maybe it grows on you or something?

Suzanne said...

the first time cade played it for me, i think i must've looked at him like he was crazy. you're right, though, seven years later i can say it "sparkles, shimmers, shines."

shoeshine's on my mp3 player and i love the four laps around the track at the Y that it takes to listen to it. the janitor just stared at me one day and i realized that my beat-red face had been smiling a little too wide.