Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Tao of Nigel, Vol. II

me: "You played that really well, Nigel. What's this symbol in the left hand?"

Nigel: "Um, I don't know."

me: "Is it called ... a Nigel?"

Nigel: "Are you a replacement of my teacher or what?"

me: "Ok, it's actually an accent. What does an accent do?"

Nigel: "...cause my teacher would never say that."

me: "Oh, really?"

Nigel: "I read that ancient spirits have been known to take over bodies and they know everything about that person. They can even talk like that person."

me: "How would you know if I were a replacement?"

Nigel: "Look at me." I look up to find him staring into my eyes. "Let's see... when I poke your eyes with my finger, you will not scream." He grins mischievously. "The lines in your eyes are the same... no, either you're a really good replacement or it's really you."


Nigel: "Did you suffer from the ice storm?"


Sean said...

So how did you fare the ice storm?

Suzanne said...

we lost a couple of tree limbs but never power. it was merely a miner inconvenience. i mean, a minor inconvenience.

natalie said...

why don't you tell him of your real loss? Miss "The roads are Icy"

Myles said...

what? loss? what loss? what was lost? suzanne! and why haven't i heard a peep in two weeks?

Suzanne said...

allright... i won tickets from kidd kraddick to go see the *insert whistling* harlem globetrotters last month. i had waited until the last day to go pick up the tickets, which were 35 minutes away. this particular last day was also the first day of what would in later years be known as 'the wichita ice storm.' so, in the name of energy-conservation, otherwise known as laziness, we had a movie night at the house instead.

there. happy now? any other embarrassing facts you require me to lay bare? how bout how often i mow my lawn or how frequently i lose at bingo?